There are many reasons people want to save historic buildings like the Godbold. For most of us, historic buildings create an emotional bond with the place, and it represents a part of the City. Lubbock has limited inventory of such historical buildings, and the Godbold is one of them. It is facing a real threat of demolition to make room for a chain motel.

How to Help Save the Godbold:

1. Buttons, Bumper Stickers and Signs. We need as much local community awareness and support as possible to save the Godbold, and the clock is ticking! Please share this website with everyone you know, wear a button, put a sticker on your car or place a sign in your yard. You can request a button, sticker or sign by emailing us.

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2. Let the Media and the City hear from You: You can write letters to the editors of the AJ, call the news stations and contact your Council Man or Woman to let them know this is important to you.

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3. Sign Our Petition: You can digitally sign our petition by clicking and submitting your information here.

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